There is a Gagar Mayang at the funeral of single men

There is a Gagar Mayang at the funeral of single men

The existence of Gagar Mayang at the funeral of single men will certainly raise a lot of questions. A tradition that still applies and is still in use. Many people will not believe that a person who has died and is still single or a virgin will be prepared with Gagar Mayang. This was done because the victim was single and not married.

The people who still believe in it also start making Gagar Mayang when someone dies. To make Gagar Mayang, of course, you only need banana tree trunks and yellow coconut leaves. Apart from the stems and yellow leaves, it turns out that there are also banyan leaves and carriage leaves. Aeroclubeplanalto


Ordinary people may not know about the traditions of people who are still single or virgins. Many think that burying unmarried people will be the same as the process of being married. At first glance, Gagar Mayang looks almost the same as the Mayang twins. Every shape and curve is very similar. In the sense of Gagar Mayang to show condolences and sorrow. Very different from the Mayang twins which are synonymous with marriage.

Gagar means failure and Mayang is an unmarried flower. Traditions that maybe now you rarely see and know. There are only a few areas that still carry out the Gagar Mayang tradition. In the process of burial, the Gagar Mayang has plugged into the bowl.

made from banana trees and janur//one Gagar mayang


When the burial begins, don’t forget to take Gagar Mayang from the hole. Finished with the burial process, the Gagar Mayang that was taken earlier is now put back into the vortex of the victim’s grave. Besides that, it turned out that there was also a pair of wood and Maejan and paper umbrellas prepared. Do it carefully so that the Gagar Mayang plugging process is successful and not damaged.

For those of you who have seen the funeral procession for Gagar Mayang, of course, you can easily recognize it, right? the funeral process which indicates that the unmarried family member has died.