Immediately extend

Immediately extend

Immediately extend the period of the tomb. If not your family’s graves will be covered by other people’s graves. For people who have never taken care of the tomb, of course, it will be considered normal. Every family member who dies must be immediately taken care of by the funeral process. Whether it’s by burning or buried.

Taking care of all the funeral papers is not easy. You must prepare a death certificate and cover letter from Rt. Don’t forget to immediately take care of all the funeral processes in full. Taking care of a funeral certificate by extending a funeral is very different.

Prepare documents

Aeroclubeplanalto – Dealing with the renewal of tomb leases is now faster and less complicated. Every time the tomb lease expires, you must prepare several documents required to extend the lease. Of course, you don’t want someone else to use your family grave.

There are several provisions regarding funerals from the government. For those of you who don’t extend the grave, you can lose your family’s grave. Hearing the news, of course, the residents immediately looked for documents to extend the tomb rental period. The data needed to extend the period of the tomb are:

Photocopy of Family Card
Copy of KTP
Power of Attorney with stamp
Original funeral certificate and photocopy
If there is a power of attorney for the funeral

document processing steps.//burial

Letter of introduction from the public cemetery office
Prepare all extension documents and family data. After everything is ready, the family or one of the heirs can go directly to the TPU office.

The steps for dealing with letters are:

Get a cover letter from TPU
Take it to the PTSP counter
The PTSP party will issue an SKRD letter
Also, prepare funds to pay for the tomb rent
To make payments, the PTSP will appoint a bank to the heirs.
Submit the SKRD letter and pay immediately according to the price listed.
The bank will give a strike and a statement regarding payment for the grave extension.
Done with the payment system, don’t forget to confirm again with PTSP.
The PTSP party will immediately check and provide a permit for the use of the new land.
Getting all the letters, don’t forget to go to the TPU office to submit an extension letter.

Requires a process that is quite long and very tiring. Residents who have already extended their plans can prepare around forty thousand to one hundred thousand in cash.