The ritual of burying a baby in a Tarra tree

The ritual of burying a baby in a Tarra tree

The ritual of burying a baby in a Tarra tree can be done so that the baby can rest in peace. who would have thought that in one area of Indonesia, there is a unique burial system? Toraja is a tribe that is famous for its burial system. The rituals that are held are very luxurious and the place to bury the bodies is not just anywhere.

Of course, those of you who have vacationed and visited Toraja will find some unique places. There are several cliffs filled with coffins and there are also graves that are shaped like houses. Many people think all of these things are just a myth. but when you visit you will find some things that turn out to be real.

Baby-eating tree

There is a tradition that cannot be lost in Toraja, namely burying the body in a large tree. Many people buy the nickname of the big tree as a baby eater. The tree that became the burial medium turned out to be not just one baby but many babies buried under it. Aeroclubeplanalto

Babies are holy beings who have no sin. Many people do not know that the method of burying babies in Toraja is different from the way of burying adults. Do not use a coffin and immediately buried with the ground.

How to bury a baby

One knows where the most famous baby burials are. There is a myth that says that a baby buried under a Tarra tree will return to the mother’s womb. There are two types of baby burial customs, babies who don’t have teeth and babies who already have teeth.

different burial systems//unique tradition

A different ritual for teething babies. Prepare a white cloth to wrap the baby and bury it using a stone. It’s the same with people who have had miscarriages. Did you know that the ritual of burying a baby without teeth is very different from one with teeth?

Buried in the form of a Womb

The residents will make a burial pit under the tree. Preparing for burial under the Tarra tree. Immediately lay on the ground without using a cloth to cover the baby’s body. Made a position like a baby who is still in the stomach.

After completing the ritual, the parents will close the hole using palm fiber. Before carrying out the burial, residents who make holes for babies will ask the family. Ask for the location of the baby’s parents’ house and look in the direction of the house.

After knowing the location of the parent’s house, residents will easily make a hole facing the house of the baby’s parents. Maybe many ordinary people don’t know that the hole made in the Tarra tree will close by itself and the Tarra tree can still grow properly.