Conditions for burying a baby

Conditions for burying a baby

The condition of burying a baby in Toraja can actually prevent the mother from having children. As you all know, Toraja cemeteries are famous for their types of burials on cliffs. Funerals are only specifically for adults and teenagers. So that the adults will bring the baby’s body to the baby’s cemetery.

A special funeral just for the babies. A large tree that has a very distinctive smell. The shape of the leaves of the Tarra tree is very ordinary. There are two different types of infant burial. There is no need for a coffin to bury a baby.

No smell

Aeroclubeplanalto – When burying a baby, the person performing the ritual will ask for directions to the parents’ house. A myth says that a child’s soul can go back to the parent’s house. Making a hole the size of a pregnant person’s stomach is not easy. Although there are many holes in the Tarra tree will not make the tree fall.

The hole in the tree will close again after another twenty years. Usually, the Tarra tree only accepts ten babies who have died. when you visit Toraja you can see the Tarra Tree. Don’t worry about the smell of the Tarra tree.

Can accommodate 10 corpses

There was no pungent stench as it passed through the Tarra Tree. Judging from the Tarra tree, of course, many are wondering about the location of his burial. You don’t need to worry because the Tarra tree can always accommodate the bodies of babies very well so the residents in the area experience significant difficulties when burying the bodies.

tree filled with dead babies//old tradition

Based on the position of the parents can affect the location of the child’s burial. The higher the social status or degree, the higher the location of the burial. That belief is still strong

Rules that cannot be broken

It is not permissible to bury babies who have not grown their teeth like adults
The baby’s soul in the grave will turn into a snake and be struck by lightning.
Mothers of babies who die cannot see their child’s grave
It is said that if the mother saw the burial process of the baby, she would have difficulty having another child.
Not allowed to go to the child’s grave for a year

Over time, this myth is no longer valid. Even so, until now in the land of Toraja, there are still Tarra trees that store the bodies of babies.