Ready to Fund at Jakarta Cemetery

Ready to Fund at Jakarta Cemetery

Hello friends, who are looking for a burial place, of course, you must first know the value of the money that we will spend. The price they offer is very expensive, making us spend a lot of money on each funeral. Those who have never taken care of a funeral, of course, do not know the prices and costs they use. Ready funds at the Jakarta cemetery are also one of them.

During life, we ​​always spend a lot of money to meet our needs. Even after death, we must also prepare sufficient funds for burial. If we live in a village, the cost will probably not be expensive, unlike in Jakarta, which is very expensive. Living in a big city, all needs to change. Expenditure is so much and can not be dammed.

2 types of funerals

Aeroclubeplanalto – When taking care of a corpse, the first thing that needs to be prepared is the funeral costs. There are 2 places provided by the government, namely public and private cemeteries. Funeral costs from the government can be said to be cheaper than private ones.

Government public cemetery

The price applied by the government for 3 years includes the cost of an ambulance, land, and also the cost of care. It’s just that the first fee only lasts for 3 years. The government cemeteries used were not purchased. Like humans who contract houses, funerals have a rent. The burial place is not in one area, there are many blocks of land so each land has a different cost.

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Extend the rental period

So if you want to extend the lease we have to spend 50% of the initial price. If you do not increase the cost and do not extend the lease, the land will be overwritten by a new corpse. Of course, it is very painful, is not it? So they are not willing to have their graves overlapped with other people’s graves.

Private Cemetery

We’re going to a private cemetery. When comparing prices, it is clear that private ones are more expensive. But the high price is worth what they provide. Prices offered for private funerals can run into the hundreds of millions. The facilities they provide are not only for holes, but also arrangements such as gardens, and security and food security can be up to 24 hours non-stop. The price is very fantastic, isn’t it? Those who use private cemeteries are usually people who have a lot of money and are famous people.