How to arrange a funeral

How to arrange a funeral

Losing someone we love certainly makes our hearts hurt and empty. This makes us unable to do anything but weep for his departure. However, we will certainly prepare the best place for his long sleep. Death brings a lot of pain and sorrow. This made several relatives and families saddened by the loss of their loved ones. In honor of his passing, we can start taking care of his funeral. Not carelessly taking care of funerals. Must know how to arrange a funeral first.

For people who have entered the field of funeral services, it is certainly not difficult to take care of it. But different from the inexperienced. Still don’t know what they need when it comes to funeral arrangements. No wonder the price of taking care of the funeral is very expensive. There are also some families and relatives who sometimes feel that the price they pay is not by the results.

For that, so as not to be disappointed, we can start learning to take care of funerals. The way to take care of it is:

  • Handling the permit for the use of grave land – Aeroclubeplanalto
    As we know the grave land is not private. It’s land that is rented out to bury someone. So when going to bury the body it takes some time to be able to get the ground to be buried. To be able to get the grave land that must go forward to take care of it is the family or heirs. Go to the head of the RT or RW according to the address where you live and ask for a death certificate and then go to the Kelurahan.

Don’t leave immediately after getting a certificate from the RT and RW. Because there are still a few more files that must be prepared at the village office. If it is not complete, it can delay the management of the grave.

The files that must be prepared are:

taking care of the funeral//grave
  • Prepare a photocopy of the KTP and KK of the heirs and the corpse.
  • Also bring the original ID card and KK
  • Also prepare witnesses or relatives [bring a photocopy of your ID card and family card along with the original]
  • Bring the original death certificate from the hospital and also a photocopy
  • Don’t forget to bring an RT or RW certificate.
    After preparing all the documents and some of the files needed, you can go directly to the village to apply for the burial ground. The steps that must be prepared when taking care of a funeral are:
  • Go to the village according to the address. Also, prepare the files that have been prepared previously.
  • After getting a letter of introduction and a death certificate from the village. Then you can go directly to the public cemetery.
  • Choose the place or land of his grave.
  • After choosing the burial ground, don’t forget to ask for a cover letter to take care of the SKRD according to the place you have chosen.
  • Go to the PTSP officer’s counter to apply for a permit to use the grave land.
  • Officers will direct you to make payments through their designated bank.
  • Make payment and save the validation number.
  • After paying go to the PTSP counter
  • After the payment process is complete Return to the village to get the IPTM.
  • There is no charge for the process of taking care of the funeral at the village office. If you want to borrow tents, chairs, and others, you can do it at a public cemetery.