Overwhelmed with the funeral of covid

Overwhelmed with the funeral of covid

Overwhelmed with Covid funerals can make some officers faint and die. Since the arrival of the pandemic, many residents have been affected by the covid 19 virus. A virus that was initially present did not have an antidote. Various methods are used to prevent the virus from spreading throughout society. Overwhelmed with the funeral of covid

The presence of Covid at first did not really make residents panic. It just looks like a normal virus. But who would have thought that the virus would spread and become a vicious virus? Some people who were originally infected with covid can recover just by doing quarantine. But who would have thought that it turns out that covid kills so many people?

Tired and rested

Affected people can immediately receive treatment or quarantine at the hospital and at home. A series of tests were also carried out to find out the type of covid. looking for some medicines that can help cure covid 19 sufferers. The deaths that were originally only a few people have now become thousands of people. Aeroclubeplanalto

As a result, many officers are barely strong enough to continue their work. Almost all over Indonesia are looking for ways to cure COVID-19 sufferers. Every day, many victims continue to arrive and provide treatment. Every day you have to be ready to face reality. Due to the large number of people who died, the public cemetery was full.

wearing uniform

prepare the burial place//funeral process

Of course, the cemetery has difficulty finding burial grounds. Various regions and areas must prepare vacant land for the victims of covid 19. They rested to relieve fatigue from burying too many bodies. Endless fatigue can make officers susceptible to disease.

They had to prepare the burial area every day. In order not to experience the accumulation of corpses covid 19. Diing from covid requires officers to wear uniforms like astronauts. When burying Covid-19 victims, officers must comply with health protocols. The characteristics of people who get COVID are almost the same as people who have a fever.

If you feel something is different from your health, then immediately go to the hospital for a check-up. Or you can just do your own prevention by doing self-quarantine.