Cemetery situation in India

Cemetery situation in India

The funeral situation in India is dire. For those of you who have been to India, of course, you have stopped by some beautiful and beautiful places. But what if it turns out that there is a really terrible place in India? will you still want to see it or not? India does have some beautiful and beautiful places.

The scariest places in India are cemeteries. There are some cemeteries that are so gruesome that most of the people who stop there flock to them to dispel their fears. Cemeteries are generally frightening and haunted, so it’s rare for people to come to cemeteries for pilgrimage.

Here are some scary Indian tombs such as:

Nicholson Cemetery in Delhi – Aeroclubeplanalto
A place that is now rarely visited by pilgrims. Since no one has come to visit, Nicholson’s funeral has become a forgotten place. There are several poems written at Nicholson’s funeral. Many say that the poetry written reflects the nature of the person who has died.

make goosebumps//Nicholson Cemetery

Delhi war

The Delhi War Cemetery is a very scary place. There are some people who once said that in the Delhi war cemetery there was a woman wearing white clothes with open hair roaming the capital. Ordinary people might think that the woman is asking for help. But did you know that if you meet this woman and don’t let her into your car, you will experience bad things?

Jafarguni from Murshidabad

The burial place was originally visited by many people. Now it’s a terrible place. This was possible because of the funerals of royal persons from the nawabs in Bengal. It is said that at night at Jafarguni’s grave there is a woman who is looking for her partner in the grave hoping to accompany her from the cold she feels.

Diqboi war from Assam
If you want to visit the graves of Indian heroes, then you can come to the cemetery of the Diqboi war from Assam. Diqboi is also a burial place for soldiers of World War II. If you visit there you will hear some chatter of dead people planning revenge on Japanese soldiers.