Malaysian cemetery with few mourners

Malaysian cemetery with few mourners

A Malaysian funeral whose mourners are little known to prevent its citizens from catching a deadly virus. The virus that spreads is not only in one area.. Meanwhile, Malaysia is preparing several steps to prevent the virus. The Malaysian party itself announced to its citizens not to carry out activities outside the home. Stop all non-essential activities.

The government is still monitoring the condition of every region in Malaysia. The Malaysian side monitored the situation for up to two weeks. Hoping that the virus has disappeared and does not make its citizens infected with the virus. Not only that, but the Malaysian side also gave room for frustration and suggestions.

What about the dead?

Aeroclubeplanalto – With this letter, the government can listen and act immediately. Not all residents have a fit body condition. There were several residents who began to ask about the management of the corpse. How do you take care of someone who died?

Several residents asked questions from the Malaysian side regarding the person who died. This was immediately answered by saying that if a resident died at home, not in the hospital, then he was allowed to leave the house to take care of the funeral. In taking care of the body, only close family and mosque administrators are allowed to do so.

only with immediate family and caretakers//burial

Prayer Rituals

Only the immediate family and administrators of the mosque may pray for the deceased. In the non-existent Tahlilan prayer ritual. Of course, to prevent the virus from spreading further, Malaysia has prepared several necessary actions. Do a short prayer in taking care of the corpse.

The Tahlilan prayer has a long prayer and must bring in many people. There are still other restrictions. Not inviting party guests. Not allowed to have parties and invite guests.