Steps to overcome and prevent earthquake disasters

Steps to overcome and prevent earthquake disasters

Earthquakes, of course, cannot be avoided because they come suddenly. Because the earthquake came suddenly, those of you who will experience it must know what steps to take. The earthquakes that appear are certainly different, it could be later that what appears is an earthquake with a small or large liter scale. If an earthquake occurs, never panic because panic triggers bad things. The following are the steps that must be taken

Protect head

Aeroclubeplanalto – Because the most important thing in the human body is the head, protect the head so that nothing forms. Care to protect your head can use a helmet or do a prone position on the back of the head.

Protects the body

It is not only the head that is important for humans but of course the body too. If the head is safe but the body parts are not safe, it will be bad too. For that, you can save the body by taking cover under sturdy items. Take cover under a table or room where you won’t be crushed.

hide and avoid tall buildings//run
Far away dangerous place

There’s nothing wrong with being in a room where it won’t hit you. But you should not be near buildings, poles, or trees. Not only that, but for those of you who are in a mall, it’s better if you don’t use the elevator. Because using the elevator, of course, will get you stuck in an unstable situation.

Stop while using the vehicle

When you feel dizzy, of course, you should not continue the journey. Because the earthquake that comes makes you slip. Indeed, the earthquake came suddenly, but if you feel dizzy, make sure you stop immediately.

We will not know when the earthquake will come. But we can do some ways to avoid earthquakes. Give the maximum so that the earthquake does not become scary. The following is an example of earthquake prevention efforts

Build a sturdy, high-quality build. Having a building that has the best and high quality will make homeowners feel safer.

Formation of earthquake groups. To survive the earthquake, the government has provided information on how to save yourself. Providing counseling to residents and also housewives.. Because the provision to deal with earthquakes will of course make residents wiser to deal with earthquakes.