Funeral Rules for covid bodies in Sulsel

Funeral Rules for covid bodies in Sulsel

The rules for the burial of Covid corpses in South Sulawesi are slightly different from other funeral rules. Lots of victims continue to fall, causing many people to experience deep sadness. Many died due to contracting the covid virus. It’s just that there are several rules that you must obey when burying the bodies of covid victims.

Each region has different rules. For that you have to follow these rules. It turns out that you can’t just bury Covid’s bodies just by burying them. As happened in the area of South Sulawesi [South Sulawesi] which gave regulations regarding the burial of Covid bodies.

Previously applied rules

Aeroclubeplanalto – Several rules have been implemented in Sulsel for Covid corpses. In the first rule can only be buried in a special place. Apart from that, other rules say if the victim who dies due to Covid does not come from Macanda, then he cannot be buried there.

A rule that has succeeded in making many parties overwhelmed by victims. The reason is that most of the victims of Covid 19 come from outside the area. Because of this rule, many corpses rot. This can happen because the hospital where the victim lives also experiences very complicated problems.

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New rules

v So that many victims did not accept and were angry with the hospital. Can’t stay silent, the governor of South Sulawesi also made a new rule. Allowed to bury covid victims in public cemeteries.

Hearing the regulations issued made the residents happy. Prepare a circular letter as a means of returning the body. To return the body, the hospital will provide a letter of introduction. Of course, as the victim’s family, you can only wait. Hope everything is still fine without any problems.