Residents around are against

Residents around are against

Residents around who opposed the funeral. Japan is a city that has beautiful and beautiful scenery. Every Japanese structure is guarded and protected as well as in the Hiji city area. A city that has clean springs makes many residents take care of the city more and more.

But in this beautiful and serene place, it turns out that there has been quite a fierce conflict. This happened when a Muslim who was in Japan died. As you know in Japan, those who die must be put in a new coffin in the grave in the ground.


Aeroclubeplanalto – But when they heard that the funeral process for Muslim residents was different, there were some Japanese who opposed the burial of the body in the land of Hiji. The difference can be seen from the burial steps where Muslims will bury their bodies without using crates. Of course hearing, this made some Japanese residents in the city of Hiji immediately reject the event.

There are some opinions that say that burying directly through the ground can make the water contaminated.. Of course, this is not possible. Muslim citizens have been looking for a solution to burying the bodies of Muslims in Japan. They hope that the people of Hiji City can accept the funeral process.

Prepare land

looking for a solution//grave

As a result of this conflict, one of the Muslim residents came to the Beppu office to ask how to have their burial ground for Muslims. Of course, the fighting spirit never goes away so a Muslim association has a piece of land that they can use as a burial ground.

Far place

Who would have thought that in Japan there are many Muslim citizens? Muslim citizens who work and live in Japan. The obstacle experienced by Muslims is that when a Muslim dies they have to travel quite a lot and it costs quite a lot. Contradictions can occur because of the thoughts of parents who still don’t want to change. Thoughts that hope that everything should not change.