The most expensive funeral ceremony

The most expensive funeral ceremony

When the day before the age of no one knows. Each region has a way and habit of cremating someone. A death ceremony ritual will be held to usher in someone’s departure at his final resting place. There are several types of the most expensive funeral ceremony in Indonesia that we can see and know.

Each region certainly has several types of death ceremonies that are different in Indonesia. This can still exist depending on the beliefs of the surrounding residents. To be able to witness the activities of the death ceremony is not as easy as we watch the opera. To watch it, we may be lucky when we are there and then we can see the ceremony.

Standard funeral costs

Aeroclubeplanalto – At every funeral, of course, we have to spend a lot of money. The types of funeral costs that are often paid for are: coffins, rent for funeral homes, food, drinks, and some decorations used by the corpse. From this information, it is an expenditure that is not too much which is still considered reasonable.

But did you know that there are some areas where the funeral ceremony costs a lot of money? Not just a small amount of money, but tens and hundreds of millions to pay for the funeral costs. This very expensive fee also has a unique ritual for burying the corpse.

The names of the regions that use large fees when carrying out funeral rituals are:

  • back
    Bali, the island of the gods, which is famous for its thick culture, also has a unique funeral ceremony. This ceremony is known as Ngaben. The purpose of this cremation ceremony is to lead the spirits to the path of reincarnation where they can continue their lives by being reborn. The costs incurred can reach tens of millions in carrying out the ritual. The type of ritual at Ngaben is to make a coffin in the shape of an ox. The coffin and corpse were immediately burned along with some knick-knacks that you wanted to give to the corpse.
  • Tana Toraja
    The most well-known type of ritual is the solo sign. A ceremony that costs a lot of money. The value of the ritual costs tens of millions to hundreds of millions. In the ritual, the solo sign will take the spirits to where the spirits live. The ritual at this solo sign also provides some buffalo and pigs. Pigs and buffalo will be slaughtered and distributed to residents. Not just buying buffalo in Tana Toraja, there are several types of buffalo that can be a sign of the caste position of someone who died. If the person has a high caste then they have to pay a fairly high cost as well. Types of buffalo are usually priced in the tens of millions when we buy in other areas. In Tana Toraja, the price of buffalo is very high, up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.
rituals cost a lot//Tana toraja
  • Sumba
    It also has a death ceremony that is based on religion. The type of ceremony held on Sumba is Marapu. The marapu must prepare some animals for the funeral ceremony. This form of sacrifice uses animals such as buffalo and horses.The purpose of the offering is to invite the ancestors to attend the funeral ceremony.
  • Central Kalimantan
    Entering the Ngajuk Dayak tribe, we will find a funeral ritual called Tiwah. The funeral ceremony is very switching and also the biggest in every ritual. A ritual performed by moving bones to a place of stumbling. This ceremony also provides animals for offerings, namely cows, pigs, and buffalo.