Wear a Kemben when on pilgrimage

Wear a Kemben when on pilgrimage

When talking about unique burials, you can visit the Imogiri cemetery. A visitor must follow all the existing rules. Every woman who visits the Imogiri cemetery must wear a Kemben. This is one of the conditions for visiting the Imogiri tomb. Almost everyone who visits has to change into a tank top. Wear a Kemben when on pilgrimage

The Imogiri Cemetery is the resting place for the kings of Mataram. All the kings and those who held the position of Yogyakarta sultanate were also in the Imogiri grave. Visiting on a pilgrimage for the first time must feel confused and afraid.

Women use a tank

Using a Kemben when visiting the Imogiri tomb. Not just anyone can enter and visit. There are several prohibitions and regulations that are still in use and applied to Imogiri funerals. One of the most unique rules is that every woman who visits or pilgrimages must wear a blue tank top. Meanwhile, those who are unable to enter are not allowed to enter. Aeroclubeplanalto

Those who visit must use a blue Kemben. It is forbidden to bring jewelry into the cemetery. The time to visit is not the origin of the time, of course. Observations from one of the village heads said that if you want a good day, you can visit on Kliwon Friday or Tuesday.

Obey all the rules

The day when many pilgrims flocked to visit the Imogiri cemetery. Regardless of the time, from morning to night, the burial place of Imogiri is always full of people making pilgrimages. Even though it is crowded with visitors, the rules must be obeyed and carried out.

change clothes with a tankard//follow the rules

Men who visit must also wear clothes such as Beskap in black or dark blue which has a striped pattern. You don’t need to be complete to visit, you men can also use hooks or Karit when they come to the Imogiri tomb. Karit is one of the clothes that is used like a cloth that is wrapped around the lower part of the body without wearing a top.