Trunyan traditional village cemetery

Trunyan traditional village cemetery

You can find the unique cemetery of the Trunyan traditional village on the island of Bali. Who would have thought other than an exotic and wow place? It turns out that in Bali there is a funeral custom that is quite unique. It’s unique to be able to see the burial process, you can stop by Trunyan village. Maybe for those of you who are not used to it, you will shudder at the sight full of skulls.

It turns out that Trunyan village is already known as the original place of residence for Balinese people. It’s no wonder that the unique traditions of the cemetery still exist. Trunyan village itself still has customs from ancient Bali. Because of its ancient customs, people often call it the Bali Aga village.

Visit Trunyan village

Aeroclubeplanalto – Almost all tourists who vacation in Bali do not know about Trunyan village customs. Because the process is quite scary, many are reluctant to visit to see. But even so, there are some tourists who feel challenged and try to visit Trunyan village.

To be able to go to Trunyan village, you have to rent a boat and also a tour guide from Bali. They will tell about the cemetery in a Trunyan village. In Bali, there are 2 locations that rent boats to Trunyan village, namely Kedisan village and Toya Bungkah village. To arrive at Trunyan village, it only takes 30 minutes.

Still native

Do you know, friends, that in order to reach Trunyan village, you have to go through a fairly difficult road? For Trunyan residents, maybe this is normal. But for visitors, maybe this is the first time they have passed through a road that is so full of turns. If you look around the Trunyan traditional village, you will find some of their ancestral remains.

lots of indigenous culture//process

A village that was apparently not influenced by outside culture since the Majapahit ruled in Bali. Because their belief in ancestral power is so high that the cultural heritage continues to exist and be maintained. As you know, the majority of Balinese are Hindus. How to bury the body was also supposed to be different from other burials.

Funeral process

The funeral procession in Trunyan Village is carried out under the Menyan tree. Before placing the body, the residents from Trunyan village made a hole ten or twenty centimeters deep into the ground. As a place to bury the body. No shift.

The Mepasah funeral procession is the most sacred process in burying the body. In the burial they covered it with cloth and also woven bamboo. Woven bamboo shaped with a prism model. The most unique thing is in the Mepasah Cemetery we don’t smell anything there. This is what makes some tourists curious.

The Taru Menyan tree is able to neutralize the stench emitted by the corpse. Of the many places where the Taru Menyan tree can only grow well is the village of Bali, Aga Trunyan.