The hidden cemetery in the world

The hidden cemetery in the world

The hidden graves in the world are very difficult to find. When we talk about graves, it is certainly not far from discussing graves. For ordinary people, graves are the most terrible and scary places. Therefore, many people assume that funerals can only be visited during their funerals in the morning and afternoon.

Although it looks scary, it turns out that there is a secret behind the cemetery. Of course, many are curious about what secrets are hidden in the cemetery. In the world, we know that a cemetery is a resting place for the dead. However, not all graves look scary. It even looks unique.

beautiful resting place//Santiago

Here are some of the secrets of the cemetery, namely:

  • Cementerio General – Aeroclubeplanalto
    Funeral originating from Santiago, Chile. This seemingly ordinary cemetery has a uniqueness of its own. Things you wouldn’t expect if you visited the Cementerio General’s cemetery. The funeral process at Cementerio General is different from other meals. They have to know first what the job of the corpse is so that they can place the corpse according to the job.
  • Mirogoi Cemetery
    In his permanent Croatia in Zagreb, there is a beautiful and luxurious tomb. It doesn’t look like a cemetery. Who would have thought that a grave that looks scary can turn out to be a beautiful place? Mirogoi Cemetery Cemetery is a cemetery that has a very beautiful ancient building form. The carved walls with patterned floors don’t look like graves in general.
  • Sydney
    Australia is a beautiful place and you can also enjoy the sea at Bondi Beach. When you visit Waverley Cemetery, don’t forget to enjoy the beach view from the top of the cemetery.
  • The Merry
    One of the cemeteries that you can visit in Romania. Maybe you will be surprised by the shape of the tombstone, there are different caricature images on each tombstone. In the Sapanta area, people who die will be buried with tombstones that have been drawn. Did you know that the image on the tombstone explains the death of each corpse?