Red and black ink on a Japanese grave

Red and black ink on a Japanese grave

Red and black ink on Japanese graves is a sign for people who are alive or have died. Of course, many are wondering why there is black and red ink on the grave. Japan has several types of tombs that are very far away. Customs at every funeral are not always the same.

there are several graves that provide flower pots and incense holders to pray for families who are no longer in the world. In giving their prayers they also carry tasbih in their hands.

Red and black

In one of the tombs, writing was found with two colors of ink, namely red and black. For other people maybe it is a fad of other people. But in Japan, this is a sign for the whole family. When a family member dies, they will write down all the names of their family members, both deceased and living.

For those who have died using black ink. Meanwhile, those who are still alive use red ink. But if a family member who was originally alive dies, his name in red ink will be replaced with black ink. In life, we will not know when and where life will end. aeroclubeplanalto


The world keeps turning and we can only follow the flow. there are several different Japanese cemeteries. Bury the corpse intact or burn the corpse to ashes. In the cremation process, there are two types, namely placing the ashes in a special house for ashes or in a special grave for ashes only.

name engraved on the tombstone//grave

There is also a type of funeral that is provided for one family so that they have to prepare the names of the families to be written on the tombstones. Now, from writing the name, you need black and red ink. So when you find a tombstone with two inks, you are no longer curious.