Prohibition in Trunyan village

Prohibition in Trunyan village

The prohibition in Trunyan village is very thick. Many people know that Trunyan Village is unique in burials. The village that looks terrible is not. To be able to visit Trunyan village, you can come from the direction of the island of Bali. To get there, you have to hire a delivery service.

Without an introduction or guide, you can get lost and never come back. many people say that Trunyan village is the original descendant of the Balinese tribe. Tribes still maintain their culture and have not been influenced by an outside culture. However, Trunyan Village also welcomes tourists.

Follow the rules

The village will open its doors to visiting tourists. It’s just that there are certain days when the village is closed and does not receive guests. When you visit Trunyan village, you must pay attention to all the restrictions. There is a taboo that you cannot do while in Trunyan village. Aeroclubeplanalto

Of course, you are not curious about what are the restrictions in Trunyan Village. Here are some restrictions that you should know:

sacred place//burial area

Don’t take anything at Trunyan village cemetery
If you find items in a cemetery, don’t move them or clean them up
Not allowed to say dirty words that are not polite
Keep the attitude
It is not permissible to spit while in the burial area or Trunyan village
When you want to take pictures, don’t take the skull in the cemetery

Getting things you don’t want

As you know, the villages of Trunyan and Bali still have strong customs and believe in magical things. So there are lots of places that you shouldn’t just enter. For those who visit Trunyan village, tourists and tourists must comply with all the restrictions that have been set.

Those who break taboos or prohibitions can get bad luck or unexpected things. So by knowing these taboos, you don’t feel afraid and do strange actions. Vacationing in Trunyan village for the first time certainly looks scary but when you are around the residents and look closely you will find an interesting experience.