One tombstone 3 names

One tombstone 3 names

One tombstone with 3 names is a sign that grave land is running out or there is no room to bury the bodies. Since the pandemic, there have been many fatalities. There is no end to making the hospital workers and grave diggers tired. The fatigue that is experienced is not due to the tiredness of taking care of patients but the fatigue of receiving endless covid sufferers.

Likewise for the party of gravediggers. Who kept digging – digging looking for the right land for the bodies? Carrying the body to the grave is the duty of the officers. Prepare the land and bury the victim with the process that has been prepared. But did you know that the bodies they buried were carried out in separate places?

Accumulation of corpses

Aeroclubeplanalto – It turns out that the existing cemeteries in Jakarta are running out. So the officers had to pile up the bodies of the victims with the others. Each grave is not one body anymore, but there are already 2, up to 3 bodies in the grave. The officers also did not just pile up the bodies.

They find out the identities of the victims. If there is a family relationship then united in one grave. Not just in one grave. Apparently, there are also cemeteries that also experience the same thing. Hearing the news that the government is running out of land, they are trying to find more land.

Running out of land

running out of land//land

The grave diggers hoped to get new land to bury the bodies properly. There are 14 TPUs that have large land areas. One of them is the land of the kaffir lime tomb. The tomb with a large area is no longer there.

Like it or not, the family has to accept an overlapping funeral. If the family refuses to have an overlapping burial, the TPU will propose to the TPU where vacant land is available.