Ma’bulle Tomate’s funeral

Ma’bulle Tomate’s funeral

Ma’bule Tomate’s funeral is one of the rituals in the Tana Toraja district. In Toraja, there are two areas that have two different rituals. The difference is in the event of carrying the corpse. Most people always think that one place has the same funeral rituals.

It turns out that the two regencies have different ways of dealing with rituals and corpses. The uniqueness of this ritual is in the residents who carry the body while singing Christian spiritual songs using the Toraja language. Adult men and teenagers may join the Ma’bulle Tomate ritual.

Taken by men

The Ma’bulle tTOmate ritual has been around for quite some time. A tradition passed down to children and grandchildren. Surely those of you who have never seen are curious about the actions of the youths in Tana Toraja. Carrying corpses while singing spiritual songs is common for local residents. What makes this ritual look different is when carrying the body. Aeroclubeplanalto

The youths who carry it will sing while stepping back and forth in style. In fact, sometimes there are those who use more steps backward than forward when carrying a corpse. Actually, the distance of the burial in Tana Toraja is not far. What made it look so far away was because of the actions of the residents who carried the body back and forth. It only takes a few minutes to get to the cemetery so it takes hours.

Still original and not following the outside culture

still have the original culture//cleaning the corpse

The people in Tana Toraja still use the original language of the Toraja tribe. Still using the original language that has not been touched by other foreign languages. their religion is Aluk Todolo. Aluk Todolo is a local religion that barely exists.

Based on several sources, Aluk Todolo has a different type of ritual than now. In the past, the ritual began with accompaniment using a mourning dance or Badong. Dancing while singing in the Toraja language. The chants are sung using Penanian dolo. All these activities are held at night.

Over time the ritual began to change and change. Like the Ma’bulle Tomate ritual, which now carries the body using Indonesian, with a type of spiritual song that is well known to many people.