Londa cave

Londa cave

Many people are curious and visit Tana Toraja. The Toraja have some of the most interesting and strange funeral rituals. The burial system makes many people shake their heads in disbelief if they don’t see it for themselves. From burial rituals to changing the corpse’s clothes, there is also a place that keeps you asking endlessly, namely Goa Londa Cemetery.

Goa Londa is a burial place full of mystery. To be able to go to Londa Cave, of course, you have to go to the side of the rock. Can’t carelessly put the coffin. Almost all places, regions, and tribes have several different rituals and burial methods.

Bring a lamp

If you go to Tana Toraja, you will see a unique and strange burial method. One of the rituals that often attracts a lot of attention from tourists and newcomers is the solo sign ceremony. To see the Londa cave, you can come to the village of Sendan Uai. If you come from the city of Rantepao, the distance traveled can be seven to eight kilometers. Aeroclubeplanalto

Be careful when stepping into the Londa cave because of the area to which the path is descending. The road in the form of a tanga descending downwards. In the area around it can get darker so you also have to bring a lamp to be able to see around it. Choose the type of lamp that lasts a long time because the distance you cover is a thousand meters. If you don’t have a flashlight, you can rent it to the locals.

See miniatures and crates

perform the approval ceremony//miniature statue

Residents usually use Petromax flashlights. More durable and not easy to die. To enter there will be a person who will accompany and explain the origins of Londa Cave. In one group bring four or five people. In front of the cave, you will see several small miniatures that are shaped like statues. The name of the miniature is Tau–Tau.

The miniature is made exactly the same as someone who has died. To make it of course only people – people who are capable. Making Tau–Tau is not cheap. It takes a lot of money to be able to make miniature Tau – tau. Next to the miniature, there are also many coffins placed on the cliff.

Have an approval ceremony

The higher the location of the coffin, the higher the position of the corpse during his lifetime. When you enter the Londa cave, you will find several bones scattered below. Many of the bones were scattered because the coffin had begun to become brittle and damaged. To take the bones below, of course, customary approval is required. When walking, you have to be careful not to step on the head of the skull or bones.