Is it possible to visit on holiday?

Is it possible to visit on holiday?

Is it permissible to make pilgrimages during the holidays to be a question that is sometimes said accidentally? When discussing pilgrimage, of course, there are no restrictions. Actually, to make pilgrimages, you don’t have to wait for the holidays. You can visit the tomb at any time and at any time it is the right of the pilgrim. Is it possible to visit on holiday?

There is no prohibition on when you should visit and pray for family members who have passed away. As the feast day approaches, many people come to make pilgrimages. Not only for visiting, it turns out that there are also some people who use pilgrimage events by selling flowers, zam-zam water, and many more.

Visit and clean the tomb

Aeroclubeplanalto – Of course, for those of you who often make pilgrimages, you don’t need to bring cleaning tools anymore. Unlike those who have never visited, of course, they have to do extra cleaning, from pulling the grass and tidying up the graves. There are also people who use the services of grave workers to clean and repair graves.

For those of you who visit, it will definitely give a sad impression. An impression that makes you remember the times with the deceased. Visiting is not just remembering but actually making you steadfast and strong in dealing with families who have passed away.

No ban

It’s not just on holidays that you visit cemeteries. On normal days, fasting, or even after holidays, you can still make a pilgrimage to the tomb. Surely the family visited will be happy because they will receive prayers and forgiveness from the Creator. Besides that, you can also find Happy days in the month of Eid.

there are no prohibitions and restrictions//clean

Apart from local residents who visited, it turned out that there were also several people from outside the area or island making pilgrimages to the tombs. Greeting and apologizing to deceased relatives sometimes gives a quiet thrill. Feeling all mistakes have been conveyed with wisdom.

There are some people who say that a good day for pilgrimage is Friday. The day when all fatigue and sadness can be treated by giving prayer. However, there is no prohibition or obligation to pilgrimage. All are free according to the time you have.