Haunted Indian Cemetery

Haunted Indian Cemetery

Haunted Indian cemeteries make many people dare not approach them. If you have the courage to face all the problems, then you can start trying by visiting Indian cemeteries. There are some rumors saying that Indian cemeteries are very haunted. Haunted Indian Cemetery

But you realize that the place that looks scary is actually a place that holds a lot of secrets. A secret that was deliberately placed in a cemetery. Not only in one place there are many burial places that all over the world have secrets too. Of course, you want to know what kind of scary Indian funeral looks like.

Southpark in Kolkata

The burial place that looks beautiful from afar is actually very scary. The atmosphere is so scary that you don’t dare to go inside. To get into the south park cemetery in Kolkata, you have to be accompanied by some friends and an expert. Some say that in the cemetery there are several British graves. Aeroclubeplanalto

Portuguese cemetery in Kollam

When you visit India, the Koliam area, you will find a unique place. At KollamCemetery you will find Portuguese style and carvings in the burial. In fact, the grave does have a Portuguese theme. Surprisingly, every name and photo in the cemetery is finely carved.

At the Kolkata cemetery of ST. John

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The cemetery in ST. John Kolkata area is a relic from the colonial era of the East India Company. Inside there is a church that was deliberately built to commemorate 2 people namely James Achilles and James Pattie. If you go to St. John please don’t step on the grass. Be careful when going to the cemetery. Don’t step on the grass on the grave. A sound will appear when you step on the cemetery grass.

Roman Catholic – Agra
If you go to Agra you will find a taj mahal in the cemetery. The difference is that the Taj Mahal in Agra has a red color and is small. The manufacturing model uses a mixture of east and west script.