Guarding the tomb using CCTV

Guarding the tomb using CCTV

Guarding the tomb became commonplace for the people on duty. What if someone destroys your family grave? Surely it will make many residents restless and angry, right? this is what sometimes requires several people to guard the tomb. Using people to guard the tomb certainly requires a lot of money and effort. But guarding the tomb using CCTV might save energy.

In one of the Sidorejo villages, East Java. They’re all members of the community who will spare time to look after the tomb. Only people who die on a certain date will get an escort from the residents. Legi Friday is the most special day in the Sidorejo community. Aeroclubeplanalto

Guarded with CCTV

Yes, only Friday Legi and Pahing get strict guard by the family or grave guard. If there is a family that can’t look after the grave, they will pay someone to look after the grave. Of course, this method has been said to still exist and is starting to disappear.

Almost everyone who guards the tomb often experiences trivial complaints, namely being afraid and not daring. To get people who want to take care of you, you have to spend a lot of money. Now that the era is sophisticated, you don’t need people to look after it. Just using CCTV is enough to help you.

manpower replaced with CCTV//burial

No need to shell out a lot of money

With CCTV, all security problems are resolved and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If you imagine the price, of course not all residents can afford to pay for the grave guard. So with CCTV, you have saved money. You only need to wait at a nearby resident’s house and monitor it. Many of you do not think that the cost of waiting for the grave is very expensive.

Not worth one hundred and two hundred thousand only. But already worth up to millions of rupiah. Only for people who die on Legi and Pahing Fridays is already very expensive. The face value of waiting for the grave can be from four million to six million for forty days.