Funeral Rituals in Bali

Funeral Rituals in Bali

Funeral rituals in Bali are things that must be done before entering the burning. There are many types of rituals that must be performed so that everything can run smoothly. The following are some of the rituals that are held:


Based on the story blackmail is a ritual that is only for people who already have grandchildren. So if someone dies without having grandchildren, there is no need to perform the extortion ritual. A special ritual for people who already have grandchildren. Aeroclubeplanalto


Breaking worldly ties with the corpse. It has no ties to the human world anymore.

Debt shipment

Bade container as a place to carry the body. Paraded to the graves in Bali.


Don’t forget to prepare a place for burning the corpse. Before starting the burning of the corpse, the family will prepare supplies. Provisions for the journey to the afterlife such as money and some items that the corpse likes.

a ritual only for those who already have grandchildren//burning


Of course, you have to prepare a place to put the ashes. Ivory coconut is a place to put the ashes of the corpse. Put the ashes in the ivory coconut and then float them in deep water such as rivers and seas.


A custom that requires the family to stay at home for twelve days. Releasing all negative aura and letting go of the corpse.

As long as they understand the funeral rituals in Bali, of course, some native Balinese know about the Ngaben event. A burning ritual that brings the spirit back to its creator. It turns out that the Ngaben ceremony is not just one type of ceremony. There are several ceremonies that you can know, namely:

  • Ngaben Sawa Wedana
  • Asti Vedana
  • Private
  • gawking
  • Warak Kruron

The purpose of holding the Ngaben ritual is:

  • Restore the elements that make up the human body
  • Purify the spirits of Hindus who have died
  • Make the family sincere.