Funeral ceremonies in Japan

Funeral ceremonies in Japan

Funeral ceremonies in Japan can not just be in the grave. There are several rules that you must follow in order to bury the bodies. Many people will say more guilt about someone who has died. This will certainly make you look a lot wrong with the corpse.

In Japan, funeral ceremonies use more traditional Buddhist ceremonies. A ceremony that can be used as an opportunity to meet distant relatives and pay respects to the bodies. Share each other’s feelings of sadness and help calm the family he left behind.

Clothing color

The funeral ceremony was not allowed just to come. There are some rules that you must follow in the funeral ceremony. Before the body is buried, of course, you will be given time to meet many people. The family left behind will wear all black. Starting from the men who wear white shirts with black suits and for women, it is recommended to wear black clothes on display. Aeroclubeplanalto

Guests who come to pay their respects must also come in black. Maybe for men and women a little different. Don’t miss the plain black long tie that you pair with a black suit and white shirt. While women wear black dresses or clothes. You don’t have to wear a dress. Even if you have pants, it doesn’t matter as long as the color of the clothes you wear is black and covered with black stockings.

Pay respects

Visiting with empty hands does look very uncomfortable. You can bring Buddhist prayer beads from home or buy them outside. Of course, these tasbih can be your complementary tool when visiting grave ceremonies. Setting up money for the deceased is also very important. Apart from paying homage. You also have to prepare a sufficient amount of money.

guests come in black//atmosphere

Entering the room is certainly not immediately sitting pretty and greeting people. Prepare funeral money using an envelope and put it in the money box provided. Approaching the prayer altar and taking incense and praying quietly. Of course, for those of you who want to join in the funeral ceremony, can help by reading the sutra prayer. In the process of prayer, don’t forget to take incense and pay respects to the bodies of those who have died.