Funeral at family prices

Funeral at family prices

You can get a funeral with family prices easily. Each burial ground will give a different price based on the place and area. Many ordinary people, of course, already know that funeral costs vary. If you want to seem luxurious, you can choose the location and arrangement of the beautiful graves of the burials.

The funeral process can also be one of the prices that must be considered. There are 2 types of burial available in Indonesia. Private cemeteries as well as government cemeteries. To enter the Death Foundation and be able to find a burial price that is enough for your pocket.

Luxurious funeral

Aeroclubeplanalto – You can choose the type of funeral foundation at a cheap and family-friendly price. The Foundation usually already gets a set such as coffins, and hearses, until the final resting place. Some people, of course, really want to be buried in an elite and luxurious place.

An area that gives beautiful views and is also comfortable. As in the San Diego Hills Cemetery, you can choose the type of cemetery you want. Available prices vary from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. From the cluster model to the program arrangement, you can determine it.

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Public cemetery

Unlike the funeral provided by the government. Government cemeteries or more commonly known as TPUs also provide adequate services for families. For those who don’t have more money, you can use public cemeteries from the government. The cost is not too expensive and can be buried in the area where you are according to your KTP. In a public cemetery, you can determine the location of the land you want.

Even though it is not considered luxurious, this public funeral can also provide several event arrangements and you can also borrow chairs for funerals to be carried out. For the process of paying for the grave, you can take a number of steps available at the village office. Prepare files and letters to pay for the land.

Don’t pay for a funeral through the people who work the graves. People who work at the cemetery are only in charge of digging and also guarding the grave. To make a payment, you can do this process to the ward party who takes care of the funeral certificate.