Expensive funeral

Expensive funeral

Expensive funerals cost a lot of things that you don’t think you have. If it turns out to make a luxurious funeral to spend a lot of money. A cemetery is a resting place for people who have died. There are so many people who before they died gave their last wish. No wonder the family had to grant it as a last request.

When one of the family members dies, of course, the other family members must find a place to be buried. It’s just that the cemetery is not as wide as a city park. To bury someone, they will usually be taken directly to an available public cemetery.

Disbursement of funds

Aeroclubeplanalto – But there are also burial places that offer a price quite expensive so that even families who can’t afford it can’t pay it. The prices they offer vary greatly. Starting from the price of vacant land and then being used as a public burial ground, it certainly doesn’t cost a little.

There are several expenses that must be ready to be used in taking care of the tomb. Maintenance costs, the location of the tomb, and also maintenance are quite expensive costs. How do you respond to a request from a deceased family member? An unexpected request. What do you think? There are some people who think that funerals are expensive. An expensive cemetery has a clean and well-maintained place.


prepare a resting place//ready to charge

There are also those who say expensive funerals carry out funeral rituals in a good and neat manner. Not all responses to expensive funerals have been positive. However, funeral affairs certainly take a long time. According to the MUI, it is permissible to comply with the request of a family member who will die. As long as the request is not excessive.

Purchased land for burial. Using the graveyard as a final resting place. Do not give high prices and follow all existing rules.