Crowded tombs when going to Eid

Crowded tombs when going to Eid

Crowded tombs when going to Eid are common for all people. Before Eid, there are many people who will make pilgrimages to the tombs. A tradition that has become a habit of the people. Go to the cemetery to pay a visit and say a prayer for the family of the deceased.

Of course for the community visiting the tomb before Eid is the most important thing. The visitors, of course, do not take it empty-handed. Some brought some tools to clean the graves and buy flowers. When the tombs are crowded before Eid al-Fitr, it becomes the busiest day for flower sellers.

Gives a lot of advantages

It is not surprising that some sellers deliberately set up stalls near graves. Buying flowers is not for planting but for buying flowers to sprinkle on the grave. There are many people who make pilgrimages. Visiting cemeteries while offering prayers to those who have died. Aeroclubeplanalto

It’s not only the flower sellers who have experienced an increase, the sellers who are close to the cemetery also get a lot of gifts. In addition, parking attendants who do not exist now become available just before the day before Eid. They can get parking money because many vehicles sometimes experience traffic jams on the road.

Of course many are asking – why do you have to make a pilgrimage before Eid?

To find out an answer, of course, you can ask your parents. There are people who say visiting family graves before Eid is something that must be done. notify the deceased’s family that Eid has arrived and they can sleep peacefully.

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There are also those who say that visiting cemeteries is to help those who have died live in peace. By giving prayers and sprinkling flowers on his grave as if you are leading them to heaven’s door. Not a few people visit the tomb. But lots of people from all over come to make pilgrimages to the family graves.

You can make a pilgrimage on the second or third day of Eid

Not just before Eid. It turns out that there are also some who visit the graves just before the day of Eid. You can sometimes visit graves on Eid day on the second and third Eid days.