Crenation is a method of burial that doesn’t cost a lot. With cremation, you can easily burn the bodies to ashes. Not everyone does the funeral process like cremation. To be able to turn a corpse into ashes, of course, you have to prepare quite a lot of heat.

A big fire ready to burn to ashes. After being burned, it turns out that there are some bones that might still be there. In order for everything to be smooth, you have to grind it and put it in a ceramic jar that has been made specifically for ashes. After entering, the ashes will be handed over to the family.

Never been banned

With the cremation system, you no longer need to worry about the price of funeral expenses. There are two ways to do cremation, namely: Aeroclubeplanalto

  • Burning the corpse using Hindu custom
  • Burning in the crematorium

There is a myth that burning corpses can make the world experience chemistry. This is what made the burning of corpses in the past banned. Since the era began to advance thecremation system has been able to do. Accompanied by several ways of prayer and cremation procedures.

Based on the family’s request

does not require burial grounds//to ashes

There are several countries that implement cremation rather than burial. Can sprinkle their family’s ashes in the holy river. Although cremation is permissible, some people choose to bury their bodies in cemeteries. There are several religious teachings that prohibit the burial system by means of cremation.

Of course, those of you who want your families to live in peace can choose the type of burial based on your own beliefs. There are also some people who in their lifetime made requests regarding the burial they wanted. A final request as a way to heaven’s door.

A different way of burning

Each place certainly has its own way of burning corpses. Burning with very hot fire. There are also some burning corpses outside the room piled with some firewood underneath.