Corpse changing ritual

Corpse changing ritual

You can watch the ritual of changing corpse clothes in Toraja. One of the rituals is a continuation of the solo hair ceremony. Lots of tourists are on vacation and curious about Toraja. An area that has a unique landscape and culture. Of all the rituals, it turns out that there is a ritual that many people want to watch, namely the Ma’nene ritual.

Maybe those of you who have been to Toraja know about the ritual of changing corpse clothes. family and some relatives do activities with joy. This is a sign of how important family relationships are. You could say the ritual of changing the corpse’s clothes is the middle activity of solo hair and wound hair. Aeroclubeplanalto

Come clean the corpses

Many residents flocked to bring the corpse to take part in the hair solo ritual. It looked lifeless but everyone who brought it did not just put the body down. Even though he died, he still cleaned it. But presumably still alive. Clean it and see which parts are still dirty.

cleaning and changing clothes//grooming

If other people might scream and goosebumps when cleaning it. But not with people who live in Toraja. Clean with pleasure. To clean the corpses, of course, you have to go to Patane. The place where all the bodies are buried together. Simultaneously they removed the body from the cemetery.

Cleaned and changed clothes

Of course, in the cemetery house, there are lots of corpses that have not a short time of age. It can be up to hundreds of years old in the grave house. When he got there, all the bodies were replaced by his clothes. Old clothes are taken and replaced with new ones. How to use it the same as people who are still alive.

Complete with accessories. Of course, after cleaning all the corpses are placed parallel in a standing position. The ritual of changing clothes is a sign of respect for people who have died. There were also some residents who turned out to have prepared cameras to save photos with their families. After cleaning everything, it is returned to the corpse.