Cemeteries for Christians

Cemeteries for Christians

Funerals for Christians have several different ordinances. Everyone who dies will certainly follow directions based on the religion they follow. Every religion certainly has different procedures for burying the body. Not only cleaning the body and immediately being buried. Cemeteries for Christians

There are several ways that you must follow in burying the body. One of them is for a Christian funeral. Can not carelessly bury the body. Must follow some proper ways in burying the body. As people who embrace Christianity, of course, those of you who have just lost your family will experience difficulties in taking care of the body.

Now those who take care of the funeral must follow the following steps, namely:

Bathing the corpse

Aeroclubeplanalto – Before entering the body, you can start washing the body first. You can put a clean corpse in the coffin. Usually, those who bathe the bodies are mostly the closest relatives.


Before entering the coffin, they also wear beautiful and dashing clothes. Men will wear suits and women will wear white dresses. In addition to preparing clothes, the family usually prepares some of the corpse’s favorite objects to join the grave in the coffin.

prepare all the needs of the tomb//pray and sing


After dressing beautifully and dashingly, don’t forget to dress the corpse. Dress it up, it can be done by the family itself or make up the corpse. The corpse whose face was pale became beautiful and dashing after being made up.

Enter the crate

Even though they have entered the coffin, visitors can still see the body. Usually, before closing, the family or visiting guests are allowed to see the last face of the corpse. Pay your last respects before the casket is closed.


During the time of meeting the bodies and families who are not strong enough, it will certainly make the mourning atmosphere even sadder. Before closing, there will be several preaching sessions and singing spiritual songs.


After singing and delivering the sermon, the process of closing the casket will begin immediately.

In the grave

Preparing a place to bury the coffin. During the burial process, the priests will give several prayers and sermons. Prepare flowers as a final greeting to the deceased by placing them on the grave.