Barcode on the grave

Barcode on the grave

You can find the barcode code on the grave on the tombstone. Barcode is a sign or information that you can find in several stores that sell it. Or usually used in expeditions. Who would have thought that there are cemeteries that use a barcode system? Surely you are curious about the barcode system of cemeteries?

You can visit the barcode cemetery or find out in England. A cemetery that uses a more sophisticated system than the others. Those who visit must be prepared to bring an Android cellphone and internet data. With the barcode, you no longer need to write or engrave your name on the tombstone. All you have to do is check the barcode code with your smartphone, so you can find the family cemetery you are going to visit.

No name or date

The barcode code itself will be posted on the tombstone. So that when you visit and look for a cemetery, you can just scan it. how sophisticated the cemetery is, so you don’t need to put up a photo of your tombstone and write down your name, date of birth, and date of death. Aeroclubeplanalto

When you scan the barcode, not only do you find the family graves you are going to visit in the application, but several photos of the people you are visiting will also appear. Photo when the corpse was alive. With a sophisticated system, of course, this funeral does not cost a bit.

Has a high cost

The price they gave might be impossible for an ordinary person to pay. In contrast, some people who have a lot of money will immediately spend money without thinking. For this type of funeral, it probably won’t be expensive. What looks expensive is the price of the barcode and also the website.

no need to write name and date//lots of info

In order for the barcode to be read, of course, you need an expert in its manufacture accompanied by registering the barcode on a special website. The website can display the profile of the corpse as well as photographs during his lifetime. This is what makes the price of barcode graves expensive.