Balinese Hindu Cemetery

Balinese Hindu Cemetery

Balinese Hindu cemeteries have several different rituals from other cemeteries. In general, there is only one type of Hinduism. Even though there is only one custom in Hinduism, it is very diverse and different. There are several Hindus who lived and were born in different places. Has several different teachings. Even though there is one religion, Hindu funeral procedures are very diverse.

The majority of Balinese people embrace Hinduism. Inside each person who dies can of course choose the type of funeral they want [according to the funds they have]. There are several procedures and steps in conducting a funeral. All Balinese always follow the Ngaben ritual. A mandatory ritual and must exist.

Mass burning

Did you know that the cost of burning corpses in Bali is very expensive? Making it difficult for the family to take care of the funeral. Seeing the huge costs, the Balinese government held a public or mass cremation ceremony for Ngaben. With this event, the costs incurred are not so heavy. Aeroclubeplanalto

Mass burial is one of the questions you really want to ask, isn’t it? Not everyone will die on the same day and date. This is what makes some residents make funeral rituals. Before the Ngaben Ceremony starts, the Balinese who have died must carry out the ritual of saving or entrusting the body.

types of rituals:


When someone dies in an accident or dies without cause. A ritual held at the scene where the body died.


One of the rituals that are usually performed by the family is when a family member dies. Before starting the burial ceremony, the corpse will perform a clean bathing ritual. Rituals that help the body return clean and pure.

deliver and pray the spirit//burning
Ngajum Kajang

Ngajum Kajang is a ritual that has a different way of carrying out funerals. Although the method is different, the meaning of the ritual is actually the same. Let go and strengthen the heart of people who have died.

After giving the heart sincerely, the Ngaskara ritual is carried out. A ritual that will be carried out by the local priests or prayers. The priests will help purify the spirit of the corpse and accompany the prayer to be close to the creator.