San Diego Hills Cemetery

San Diego Hills Cemetery

The San Diego Hills Cemetery is a burial place that is well-known to all Indonesians. Almost all high society and artists buried their family members in the San Diego Hills. This large and wide area is also often a burial area which provides a fairly expensive price.

This fairly unusual price is able to make many people just shake their heads. Although it looks expensive, this San Diego Hills turns out to have a pretty interesting story. This story begins with a man who visits his parents’ grave. Because the location is so remote and scary, this man thinks about moving the tomb to the area where he lives.

Start moving graves

Aeroclubeplanalto – Unlike the previous tomb area, the new area gives a sense of comfort and closeness. So that when visiting you don’t have to go far and can visit anytime. While visiting the graves of his parents the man got a pretty interesting idea about the burial area.

As we know that the cemetery area is haunted and also scary making people who visit not feel at home. To reduce fear, the man thought of beautifying the cemetery. The cemetery which was being built uses a theme from a foreign country.

Luxurious and beautiful theme

Since then the name of the cemetery is San Diego Hills Memorial park. The purpose of the tomb area being made so beautiful and also beautiful is to eliminate the feeling of horror for visitors to the tomb. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the natural beauty of the San Diego Hills tomb. The sadness that surrounds the heart can be changed when looking at the beautiful scenery at the San Diego Hills.

Gives a sense of comfort and security.//garden

At San Diego Hills, visitors can enjoy several other facilities such as playgrounds, restaurants, lakes, and so on. The San Diego Hills Cemetery is the most expensive cemetery in Indonesia. How is it not expensive? Such a luxurious and beautiful resting place.

The prices at the San Diego Hills are very diverse. It depends on the type and model of the funeral. The lowest value for a San Diego Hills cemetery is around ninety-seven million to a high of two point eight billion.